Focus, Dedication and Efficiency 

It's better built by Barclay

Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and a genuine desire to satisfy the customers’ needs, this privately owned, third generation, general building construction company has just begun.

On the advice of a small group of clients who would originally sign on as business partners and with the knowledge and approval of his long-time employer, Robertson Yates Company, Jim Barclay set off on his own in 1953 with nothing other than a pickup, a wheel barrow, and a hard head.

In time, he, in turn, would pass on much of his knowledge to his own son, Jim Barclay Senior (James William Barclay), who joined the family-owned company on January 1, 1961.

By the time his father retired in 1971, Barclay Senior was well versed in both the family business and the construction industry.

One great piece of advice that Barclay Senior learned from his father and has since passed down to his own son, Jim Barclay Jr., was, "My father told me that your reputation is only as good as the last project you’ve  completed. If you didn’t do a good job, then the guy is not going to call you back to do another one and he certainly won’t be telling anyone else to call you either.” Barclay Jr. (James Simpson Barclay II, after his grandfather) picked up the reins to the family tradition and has been running the company since 1996. 

Today, Barclay Constructors Limited is approximately triple the size of what it was when Barclay Senior first joined the company. Its reputation for a straightforward and above-board manner of conducting business has earned the company a loyal and repeat client base. 

Barclay Jr. attributes the company’s continued success to the set of values that were instilled in the corporate culture back in the days of his grandfather. “Our company is all about basic business values,” he says. “We focus on service, on staying close to customers so that they’re satisfied. We like to exceed expectations.”

To all our customers now and through the years, thanks very much for your business.

Can't have vision without experience.