The unique challenges of Steel Production lends important demands to its Construction Projects. Substantial foundation and structural installations follow from heavy equipment and product loads. Need for accuracy and precision of installations command the highest quality of workmanship. Market demands for early production and sales motivate extremely challenging commissioning dates and the urgency for very organized and fast tracked project completion milestones.

Barclay is proud to continue to serve the Power Generation Industry across a varied range of challenging project types.  Through our successful partnerships with Ontario Power Generation, we have delivered upon major shutdown re-build projects involving the introduction of major cofferdam and dewatering systems.  Working with our Client, Engineer, Sub Contractors and Suppliers alike in the strong and strategic established partnerships, we have been able to safely and successfully deliver very challenging tasks on time and on budget, repeatedly.  

HYDRO ELECTRIC power generation

municipal water infrastructure
​(Major WWTP Upgrade work)

mining infrastructure


commercial ici/manufacturing/light industry

Barclay is well suited to serve the growing Renewable Energies Industry. Our commitment to safe and responsible stewardship of our Client’s sites and careful environmental management throughout our project responsibilities renders Barclay a strong option for this sector. The Renewable Energies Industry embodies many of the strong characteristics of the Hydro Electric and Co-generation Power Station sectors – of which Barclay has established a significant presence. 

Barclay is proud to have served the expanding needs of the Agricultural Industry for decades, and looks forward to expanding our service role for this key sector. Involvement in Large Process and Storage Facilities interfacing with Rail and Freighter or Cargo Ship Distribution has proven to be a very good application for Barclay.  

aGRICULTURE infrastructure and distribution

steel production infrastructure

With the expertise and resource base required to assume the challenge of remote and rugged site locations, Barclay is accustomed to organizing tough site demands and delivering the stringent requirements of this essential industry. Our record for safe, professional, and on-schedule delivery is evident with our history of achievement.

Barclay is proud to have played a significant role on major Co-Generation Energy Plant Projects across the country.  These vertical and challenging builds require the early implementation of an experienced and dedicated project controls team, committed to early performance and success. Barclay has successfully undertaken and completed significant major Site Service, Foundation, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, and Office and Warehousing installations for these projects.

storage and distribution terminals

Barclay has been Building Storage and Distribution Terminal Facilities across our diverse Client base throughout our Company history in business. From site work, storm water management systems, foundation system installations, through to building fabrication and installation, Barclay has successfully delivered on building these types of facilities repeatedly.

wind solar biomass renewable energies

Major industrial storm drainage systems, electrical duct banks, gas, steam and oxygen feed lines; Barclay has installed thousands of miles of underground plant and building service lines. This essential service for industry has to be conducted properly by professionals. Substantial tie-in, interface work, bypassing, hot tapping into large live lines - we have successfully completed all like work.


Barclay has amassed significant experience undertaking and completing a wide array of Commercial and ICI projects for our varied Client base.  Our completed projects include Head Office, Retail, Showroom and Warehousing applications across virtually all industry sectors.