Nothing is more important to Barclay than the Safety and well-being of our people and the people that they work alongside.  On your project and every project.

The health and safety and continued well-being of all our employees is our most important priority, and an integral part of our corporate culture

Our EXCELLENT Safety Staff are very experienced and sincerely motivated.

‚ÄčBarclay has worked since 2006 (over 1,000,000 earned man hours) without a traumatic accident or legitimate Lost Time Incident.

Barclay Projects are Built Safely and Built to Last

Our record of job safety and quality control is a proud mark of distinction we are committed to protecting. It's made possible by an accident prevention policy of effective communication that works. A policy practiced by the people who are the strength and fiber of this company. People who are drawn to team building and the strength of non-adversarial conduct. People committed to hard work and ingenuity for a customer base they've worked hard to establish.

Accident Prevention is our first company priority. Our Clientele have traditionally demanded stringent accordance with careful and organized work practices. We are committed to pre-task safety awareness on every project we undertake. 

We are proud of our longstanding excellent safety record. All work is performed in accordance with Provincial Building Codes and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

By means of proper appointment of safety representatives, readily equipped site stations, ongoing review by committee, and continuous training and awareness communication, Barclay has been effective in keeping our people safe.